Early Signs of Pregnancy

May 11, 2021

Are you experiencing early signs of pregnancy?

There are some early symptoms of pregnancy you might be having before you miss your period. (Check out this blog: Are You Pregnant?) If you are experiencing some or all of these it may be time to go to your local drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test or make an appointment with your OBGYN.

Are Your Breasts Sore?

Your breast may be extra tender as early as one or two weeks after conception. This is caused by the extra estrogen and progesterone your body is producing in early pregnancy. The surge in hormones causes the breast to retain more fluids and feel heavy, sore, and more sensitive than normal PMS tenderness.

Cramping And Backaches

Many women mistake cramping and back pain as PMS symptoms. However, they are actually caused by hormonal changes and the growth of the uterus. About 30% of women will experience cramping after conception. These cramps are brought on by the implantation of a fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall. Your uterus will begin stretching (hence the cramping).

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation Bleeding… yup that is a thing! When a fertilized egg implants into the plush lining of your uterus about 6-12 days after conception, you may experience light vaginal bleeding. You might mistake this bleeding for your period. This bleeding is typically lighter than ministration bleeding and it is brown or pink, not red like period blood.

Are You Feeling REALLY Tired?

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, your body is working overtime to support the pregnancy. The extra progesterone causes your basal body temperature to rise, which in turn contributes to your lack of energy. Your heart is also pumping faster, this is because it is now delivering oxygen to the uterus.

Are Your Nipples Looking Darker?

Many women have their nipples change color in early pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones also affect the activity of melanocytes, which are responsible for the coloring of your nipples.

Are You All Of A Sudden Feeling Nauseous?

Morning sickness affects up to 85% of all pregnant women. Most of the time this doesn’t affect women for a couple of weeks but some women may experience more subtle motion sickness in early pregnancy. This can start as early as two weeks after conception.

Are Your Pants Feeling Tight?

I know what you are thinking…you don’t start “showing” right away. However, ramped-up levels of progesterone can slow down the digestive tract and may make your tummy feel puffy or bloated.

Do You Feel Like You Are Needing To Use The Bathroom More Frequently?

You may think that this doesn’t start till later on in pregnancy when baby is pressing on your bladder. The extra blood flow to the kidneys, which happens right away, causes you to have to pee more. It isn’t much you can do about this. If you are experiencing burning, urgency, and other signs of infection, let your doctor know right away. Whatever you do, don’t start cutting back on your fluid intake.

Are You Craving Carbs?

If so, this is because your body is needing carbs to keep your energy levels up. ENJOY!

Do You Have A Headache?

The increase in blood volume in your body can trigger frequent but mild tension headaches. You can also get these headaches if you are not drinking enough water or if you are anemic. It is important for you to get blood work done to rule out anemia. Most of the time headaches become less frequent as your pregnancy progresses.

Are you Experiencing Constipation?

The same hormones that cause your to bloat are to blame. This happens because your digestive tract is slowing down causing food to pass through slower. Unfortunately, this is something that might actually get worse throughout pregnancy.

Are You Extra Moody?

Are you finding yourself crying at the Duracell commercial? This is because hCG hormone levels are increasing. You are also feeling more fatigue which can cause you to be more prone to moodiness. Then you add headaches, bloating, constipation, nausea, sore breast, and nipple changes on top of this… you have every right to be a little moody.

Are You Experiencing A Bloody Nose Out Of The Blue?

The increased blood volume puts extra pressure on delicate vessels like the ones in your nose, which can cause you to get a bloody nose. Estrogen, in particular, can make blood vessels dilate, which contributes to the swelling of the mucous membranes in your nose. These symptoms can be relieved most of the time by using a saline spray.


Notes From Your Doula

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms you should head to your local drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test! Then when you are ready to hire a doula, you can contact me here.