What is a Postpartum Doula

September 14, 2021

Most if not all new parents will tell you that navigating through those first few days after bringing home a new baby is anything but easy! Even for the most experienced parents, bringing home a new baby means new routines, new things to learn about your new baby, and just trying to figure out how to manage it all.

Sometimes mom has had complications during childbirth or a cesarean section or even just trouble latching baby to the breast. These things may make the transition even more challenging. Often families try and tackle this time all on their own or they try and have friends and family help out when possible, but this doesn’t always work out.

This is where a postpartum doula can step in and be the support families are looking for. Postpartum doulas assist families after bringing home their new baby, whether through birth or adoption. A postpartum doula to provide you with resources, education, and an extra set of helping hands. With this kind of support, this time can be a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone!

What Services Does a Postpartum Doula Provide?

The main goal of a postpartum doula is to “Mother the Mother”. This includes nurturing the mother and her family as they transition into a new life with their newborn. This would include helping mom and dad feel confident in their new roles, providing evidence-based information to educate them on all things baby and parenting, and attending to the unique needs of mom as she recovers from giving birth.

A postpartum doula will tailor her services and role to each individual family’s needs.

Services a Postpartum Doula Provides:

Emotional and physical support and guidance through recovery

  • Newborn care, including diapering, bathing, and soothing techniques

  • Breastfeeding, pumping, and/or bottle-feeding support

  • Guidance in reading and understanding baby cues

  • An extra set of experienced hands to help with baby while mom and family rest

  • Light housekeeping

  • Running errands

  • Light meal preparation

  • Babywearing support and education

  • Referrals to community resources

    And so much more!

Most postpartum doulas provide services for families anywhere from a few days up to several months after baby’s birth, and some even provide support up to a year. Some families have their doula work 1-3 days a week, while others may need the support 5 to 7 days a week.

Postpartum doulas often offer nighttime services as well to help the family transition more smoothly into the challenges of parenting at night. Each doula offers different services, so it is important to find a doula that meets the needs of your family.

It is important for families to have this type of postpartum support so they can f focus on the important things like resting and recovering from birth, bonding with your new baby, and gaining your footing as a new parent.

Notes From Your Doula

Having a Postpartum Doula is a great way to set yourself up for great recovery after having a baby. Postpartum support can start as early as the day you come home from the hospital. I offer day and night service. You can find out more about my Postpartum Support here.