Hot passionate sex and pregnancy may not be two things you think go together, but being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to restrain from having sex for 9 months.

Let’s talk about what sex will be like when you are pregnant!

Sex Drive

While we know that hormones and increased blood flow to the pelvis play a pretty big part in your sex drive during pregnancy, this is a very individual thing. Most women will find that their libido will decrease during the first trimester. Her body is going through a lot of changes. She may have morning sickness which let’s face it isn’t fun and can be exhausting. Most women will find during the second trimester that their sex drive is back or even stronger than it was before they get pregnant. Which can mean lots of sex and some pretty hot sex at times. Enjoy it while it lasts, because, during the last trimester, you may end up losing that sex drive all over again.


With hormone levels changing during pregnancy, you may find that you are dryer than usual. Doing more foreplay and using lubrication can help. During the second trimester, most women find that they have an increase in lubrication causing an increase in their sex drive.


Let’s face it, sometimes women don’t always get as much pleasure out of sex as men do. Women may even fake having orgasms or have one but never get the chance to finish. During pregnancy, this may all change for you! The increased blood flow and sensitivity in your genitals may mean that you may experience your first orgasm or even multiple orgasms. So, don’t be afraid or hold back.


When you are pregnant you may feel sexier than you have ever felt before. There are a lot of women who truly love being pregnant and some even find that their self-esteem increases during pregnancy. Think about it: your skin is rosy, your hair and nails are healthy, and you have full breasts (who doesn’t like fuller breasts) and these are just a few of the sexy physical changes that happen to your body. The increased blood flow to your genitals may make you feel like you are in a constant state of arousal.

Let’s talk about how he is feeling

There are lots of changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy and sometimes we forget to think about how this is all affecting dad. Let’s be real- most men are pretty turned on by their pregnant partner’s/wive’s new body. All those new curves….they just can’t help themselves. There will be times that he may hold back, but encourage him not to.

Reasons for him holding back or not being into it:

  • He might be worried about hurting the baby (he won’t)
  • He doesn’t want to pressure you
  • He may be jealous about all the attention you are getting
  • He may be stressed about money
  • He may be scared of change
  • Fatherhood may be freaking him out

Don’t let these things get in the way of your intimate relationship. Talk about things, and keep the line of communication opens between the two of you. This will be a great tool to learn. Remember just because you have a baby coming doesn’t mean your sex life should change. Being open about your intimacy and sex life is important now, and for the rest of your lives together.

Pregnancy Sex Myths:

Sex will hurt the baby.

I hear this one all the time. This is probably the biggest fear a couple has while making love during pregnancy. Men tend to worry that their penis is going to hit the baby in the head. Well, this is just not going to happen no matter how big a guy’s penis is. A woman’s body protects the baby by using the strong muscles in the uterus and let’s not forget about the amniotic sac and fluid. There is also a thick mucus plug that blocks the cervix during pregnancy adding another layer of protection.

Having an orgasm can start premature labor.

If you are at high risk or have a history of premature labor, you should always discuss sexual intercourse with your healthcare provider. For most couples sex is safe.

In recent studies, they have found that climaxing or having an orgasm during pregnancy has no effect on childbirth and may even protect against premature delivery.

Sex is uncomfortable during pregnancy.

During the first trimester, you have morning sickness and feel fatigued, and other unpleasant physical sensations that will make getting in the mood for sex unlikely. You may feel too uncomfortable to make love in the last couple of months of pregnancy. If this is the case, that is okay. However, you may feel sexy and with the right position and lubrication along with some other adjustments, sex can be pretty darn amazing when you are pregnant.

Notes From Your Doula

To sum things up… YES sex is safe during pregnancy and can be pretty darn AMAZING! So, don’t be afraid to let loose, embrace your new sexy body, and go for it!

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